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Tibet Circle བོད་ཀྱི་དོ་ར། is a nonprofit network for Tibetans, Buddhists, and others with open hearts and curious minds to discover and share insights, resources, and support related to preserving Tibetan culture and livelihood.

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Connect with other people, organizations, and businesses for mutual assistance, education, and empowerment through two platforms:

1. Tibet Circle Community 

We provide an ad-free space dedicated to meaningful exchange across different sanghas and groups on a broad range of Tibetan issues. Here you can:

  • Request or offer assistance for Tibetan refugees and immigrants, including social services, healthcare, legal aid, jobs, and housing.

  • Collaborate, ask questions, and share ideas with others who care about the same topics and are working toward the same goals.

  • Experience unique educational content and workshops related to Tibetan art, cuisine, history, language, spirituality, and other subjects that might not be available anywhere else.

  • Discover new inspiration and perspectives through diverse member stories and articles that will help you become more compassionate and discerning about what truly matters.

2. Tibet Circle Directory 

We're building a comprehensive, searchable directory of Tibetan culture, education, humanitarian relief, and entrepreneurship resources. Filter by keyword, location, or topic to easily find people and places such as teachers, artisans, dharma centers, schools, Offices of Tibet, immigration clinics, restaurants, bookstores, and more.

  • Help grow the directory! To add or claim any listings, sign up with a separate user account and password at tibetdirectory.com or send us a message. All submissions are subject to verification.
  • Are you an organization or business serving Tibetans? We'd like to help increase your visibility by listing your services and further improve Tibetan civic and economic life. Contact us to explore possible partnership opportunities.

Together, we can ensure the survival of Tibetan heritage for the benefit of all! 

Approximately 150,000 Tibetans have left their homeland since China annexed Tibet in 1959 and now live in exile across the globe. The roughly 6 million who remain in Tibet cannot fully practice their traditions freely.

Preserving Tibet's rich heritage and identity is essential for humanity's progress. Among other contributions, the world has benefitted from Tibet's:

  • unbroken centuries-old spiritual lineages and methods for understanding consciousness and the nature of reality; 
  • unique language, art, food, and music; 
  • emphasis on inclusiveness, compassion, and non-violence; and
  • awe-inspiring natural resources that include Mt. Everest and the "third-pole."  

By increasing awareness and conversation around Tibetan issues, we hope to spur greater social engagement and further His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama's vision of Tibet as a sanctuary of peace and healing and a beacon of enlightenment for the world.

Every time you contribute a resource, experience, or idea to the Community or Directory, you’re building a knowledge base that everyone can tap into to further Tibetan culture, improve lives, and make this world a better place. And when you invite in as few as two new members to the Community, you’re adding rocket fuel to what we can accomplish together. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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